All-in-One Recipe Sets

The be-all-end-all of fuss-free cooking! All ingredients included (we really mean ALL) for the perfect dish. Absolutely healthy, with zero wastage. Say bye-bye to expired bottles of condiments and days when you struggle in the kitchen.

Recipes are also included inside.

30 Minutes & Below:

- Bone-In Pork Chop Set, Pork Katsu Set and Double Clams Vongole Di Martino Linguine Set

60 Minutes & Below:

- Prime Ribs Bak Kut Teh Set, Nourishing Anxin Chicken Herbal Soup and Refreshing Pork Pepper Broth

90 Minutes & Below:

- One-Pot Chicken & Mushroom 'Claypot' Rce Set and Roasted Crispy Pork Belly 'Sio Bak' Set

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