QSCelebratesWomen2024. QSCelebratesWomen2024.

Empowering Women Through Stories

In honour of International Women’s Day 💕, Quan Shui Wet Market is dedicating the entire month of March to share inspiring stories from the women we work with, highlighting the challenges and stereotypes they face.

Through food 😋, we are also offering a month-long 10% discount on our All-in-one Recipe Sets to encourage cooking for the women in your life and break the stereotype that wives/moms need to be the ones who cook for the family and instead that everyone in the household can contribute, regardless of gender.

Let’s celebrate women together! Dive into their inspiring stories below! 🎉

International Women’s Day Interview with Jingwensathome

To kickstart our series for #QSCelebratesWomen2024, we spoke with Tiffany and Bryan, the duo behind the Instagram account @jingwensathome.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how Bryan celebrates his wife and Tiffany’s views on how couples in a similar situation can support each other.

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs - Interview with Rachel Lim, Founder of Maelstrom Home

In this second part of the #QSCelebratesWomen2024 series, we had the privilege of interviewing Rachel Lim, the founder of Maelstrom and got insights to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Singapore, especially women as they operate in an environment where only 27% of businesses are women-owned.

Interview with Oh Siew Guat, the Lady Boss of Quan Shui Wet Market

In this third and FINAL part of our #QSCelebratesWomen2024 series, we invite you to delve into the life of Oh Siew Guat, the Lady Boss and Chief Butcher of Quan Shui Wet Market 👩🏻

Find out what motivates her to still get up daily at 01:45 in the morning, what drives her passion for butchery and also why she felt “lao kui” (embarrassed) while balancing raising children and work.