How to Make the Best Italian Vongole Linguine

How to Make the Best Italian Vongole Linguine

Wow your mom or wife this Mother’s Day with this fancy yet quick and easy Double Clams Vongole Di Martino Linguine Set recipe!

This Mother’s day can be a great chance for you to do something special. And what better way to say “I love you” than a heartfelt effort to whip up a wholesome homemade meal?

In this recipe, we used two types of clams, both Asari and White shelled clams to add layers of bite and body to the dish. While they’re both bursting with briny tang, the Korea Bay Asari clams are smaller and more tender while the Pacific White Shelled Clams are larger and meatier.

With the clams already de-sanded, cleaned, and cooked, you'll have more time to enjoy the delicious flavours of both clams which have been covered in their own juice. Before we get started, make sure to grab our pre-packaged set that includes all the necessary ingredients and measurements you'll need to make this quick and easy Italian Vongole Linguine recipe to impress your mom, wife, or family. 

Step 1: Thaw Korea Bay Asari Clams & Pacific White Shelled Clams

Our clams are already cleaned, de-sanded, and pre-cooked. To prepare the clams, thaw them for 20 minutes.

Be sure to keep the clam juices from the packaging. Don't waste the natural clam juices. Instead, use it in your cooking for an even tastier meal! 

Step 2: In a large pot of water (around 5L), add salt & a dash of oil into the water

Step 3: Once the water has boiled, add our Di Martino Authentic Italian Linguine into the pot.

Step 4: Cook the Di Martino Linguine for 7 mins and remove it when it’s still firm to the bite (just 1-2 mins shy of al-dente, as it will continue cooking in the sauce later!)

Step 5: Dice Australian Brown Onion and Chinese Old Garlic while cooking the Di Martino Linguine

Step 6: In a medium-high heat deep pan, add neutral oil (preferably olive) once it’s hot. Sauté your diced Onions and Garlic for approx. 2 mins or till golden brown.

Step 7: Add the thawed Asari & Pacific Clams (and their natural juices!), Red Pepper Flakes, and 3/4 of your Dried Parsley Flakes into the deep pan. (Optional: You may also add 1 cup of white wine into the pan)

  • Let it simmer for 6-8 mins or till the Clams are opened.
  • Discard any unopened Clams. (If white wine is added, ensure that the alcohol is cooked out; you shouldn’t taste anything sour/raw!)

Step 8: Drain your Di Martino Linguine and retain 1⁄2 cup (approx 120 ml) of the pasta water. (Do not rinse your Linguine!)

Step 9: Increase the heat to medium and add your Linguine to the Clams mixture.

Cook for another 1-2 mins, adding some of the pasta water if needed to keep the pasta moist.

Step 10: Remove deep pan from the heat. Add Lemon Juice and its Zest to the pasta!

Garnish your pasta with the remaining 1⁄4 Dried Parsley Flakes. (Optional: You may also add 3 tbsp of butter to the mixture for more creaminess!)

Step 11: Before you eat, take your best photo/video and tag us on @QuanShuiWetMarket

Serve and enjoy!

If you're looking for a more convenient way to make Vongole Linguine without the hassle of gathering all the ingredients, try cooking this for your mom or wife this Mother's Day, with our brand new All-In-One Recipe Set - Double Clams Vongole Di Martino Linguine

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