Handmade Pork Wanton 手工猪肉云吞 (New, Improved and Upsized! - Soup Seasonings Included)

550 g
Weight (Per Pack): 550g (36 pieces)

Our Pork Wantons are fully handmade based on a traditional recipe of fresh pork stuffing with no artificial flavourings / preservatives or additives included. Subsequently, they are quick-frozen at ultra-low temperatures to ensure the freshness of the product. Our wanton skin are also gently handrolled to be as as thin as the skin of an onion.

To prepare, boil wanton in a pot of water. Once the wantons float, scoop out with strainer, and add into separately prepared soup. In a separate pot, boil 350cc of water, add included seaweed and dried shrimp seasoning. Within 8 mins or when the wanton skin is crystal clear, you may enjoy your bowl of delicious fragrant wanton soup. When ready to serve, we strongly recommend having these with soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken powder, our freshly ground white pepper and scallions to suit individual taste!

Weight: 550g/pack (3 x 12 pieces, placed neatly in 3 separate mini-trays for your convenience!) [Seaweed and dried shrimp included, sufficient for 2 to 3 bowls/servings.]

Main Ingredient List: Wheat Flour, Water, Pork, Chives, Ginger, Soy Sauce, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate & Pepper Powder