Crispy Scallions Pancake XL 香脆葱油饼

500 g
Weight (approx.): 500g (4 Pieces)

Made with fresh scallions and lightly seasoned with sesame, salt and pepper, our Crispy Scallions Pancake made a great breakfast, afternoon snack or even supper!

Everything you taste is natural as we absolutely do not add any MSG!

To cook, heat up your frying pan with some oil. On medium-high heat, place the frozen Pancakes onto the frying pan, giving each side a 3-4 minutes fry before flipping, or until golden brown.

We highly recommend fluffing your cooked Pancakes for extra texture and crisp! Simply use your hands to push/squeeze the cooked Pancakes to release its layers.

Weight: 500g/pack (Approx. 4 XL Pieces)

Main Ingredient List: Flour, Water, Scallions, Soybean oil, Vegetable shortening (refined palm oil), Sesame, Salt, Sugar, Pepper - NO ADDED MSG