Wild Premium Dried Chinese Seaweed 干紫菜

50 g

A dried, natural source of MSG, our premium Chinese seaweed is sand-free and loaded with iodine, antioxidants and minerals. 

To use, simply add to your soup of choice! We recommend using it to add some greens to luxurious egg drop soup.

Serving Suggestions: Wash seaweed carefully before cooking. We recommend using 10g of seaweed per 1L of water/broth. Put seafood and meat into boiling water. When the meat has boiled, add seaweed, chopped spring onion, and seasoning.

Ingredients & Allergens: Good Quality Seaweed, Seasoning (Salt, MSG, Cornstarch, Shrimp Powder, Chilli Powder, Pepper Powder, Sodium Succinate, I+G E635), Rapeseed Oil.

Storage Guide: Keep in a shaded, dry cool place. Use up as long as possible once opening. Refer to packaging for expiry date. 

Weight: 50g

Source: China