Quan Shui Wet Market

Ulam Raja

Flavour Of The Herb

Reminiscent of green mango.

Health Benefits

Helps to reduce blood glucose and blood pressure and promotes healthy bone formation, as it is high in antioxidants and calcium.

Suggested Recipes

Tuna and Ulam Raja Omelet (recipe here)

Ingredient recommendations: Nuyolk Vitamin Enriched Eggs (10 Eggs) and Chinese Red Onions 紫皮洋葱

Ulam Peanut Pesto Pasta (recipe here

Ingredient recommendations: Chinese Old Garlic 老蒜, Thailand Seedless Limes 泰国无籽青柠 and Di Martino Authentic Italian Spaghetti

Fun Facts 

Did you know? Ulam Raja can grow up to 3 meters high!

Parts to Use

The young leaves

How to Harvest

Snip off from the top with a pair of scissors.