Spanish Iberico Meatballs

350 g
Weight (approx.): 350g (24 Pieces)

We finally don't have to wait till Christmas to enjoy these highly reviewed and requested Iberico Meatballs! Sprinkle a touch of festive cheer to your bolognese pasta, Ratatouille, mashed potatoes, (anything else really!), with this super sidekick meatball.

Expect a harmonious blend of aromatic Rosemary and evocative Iberico pork, encapsulated in each perfect bite.

Ingredients: Pork, onion, celery, carrot, salt, sugar, modified starch, seasoning powder (salt, E621, E635, cornstarch, sugar, maltodextrin, palm fat, flavouring, lactose, canola seed, soya sauce, spices), spices, emulsifier [E450(iii), E450(i), E451(i)], preservative (E223), herbs, flavour enhancer (yeast extract, salt, flavouring, sunflower oil).

May contain egg, wheat, milk, soybean and sulphites.

Weight: approx 350g/packet, 24 per packet

Lovingly made in Singapore

Storage instructions: 
Keep frozen. Once thawed, can be kept in chiller for up to 20 days
Best consumed within 3 days of opening