Signature Shanghai Xiao Long Bao 招牌上海小笼汤包

500 g
Weight (Per Pack): 500g (approx. 22 pieces)

Our Signature Shanghai Soup Xiao Long Bao (XLB) is made of meat paste with a little ginger and salt, soy sauce, sugar and water, all mixed and chilled.

The skin of the soup dumplings are made of unleavened refined flour. Each steamed dumpling is small and exquisite, shaped like a pagoda, they are translucent, crystal clear with a slightly yellowish tinge, each bite providing a burst of soup, resulting in a delicious taste.

All of our Xiao Long Bao (XLB) have a natural taste as we do not add any MSG!

Serving Suggestions: At around $0.50/piece, they will make a snack for breakfast or afternoon tea, especially when paired with our fresh ginger* and vinegar*! (not included)

Suggested Alternatives: Are you a fan of truffles and Xiao Long Bao? We recommend trying our Truffle Xiao Long Bao. 

Storage Guide: Keep it frozen. Refer to packaging for expiry date. 

Cooking Instructions

  • Use the dim sum paper provided in the pack.
  • Apply some oil to the dim sum paper.
  • Carefully place the XLB on the paper and spray some water onto the dumplings to moisten them.
  • Start the timer for 7 minutes once the steam starts to appear.
  • Allow it to cook for an additional 3 minutes in residual heat.

Ingredients & Allergens: Pork, Lard, Flour, Soya Sauce, Spice, Sugar, Vegetable Cooking Oil, Sesame Oil, Water, Salt, Ginger, Shallot  - NO ADDED MSG

Weight: 500g/bag (about 22 Pieces)

Source: Singapore

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