S-Pure Boneless Leg 起骨全腿

420 g
Weight (approx.): 420g

Meet Asia's cage-free, growth hormones & antibiotics-free chickens

Our S-Pure chickens are 100% Fresh, Hormones, Antibiotics, and Chlorine-Free!

By feeding them a controlled vegetarian grain feed supplemented with probiotics and prebiotics in a cage-free environment to improve their digestive health, these chickens present the best qualities and first-class flavours! S-Pure is also NSF, GMP, HACCP, ISO, and Halal certified.

Our S-Pure chickens are delivered fresh, air-flown weekly, never frozen!

These chicken boneless legs cook faster than a bone-in chicken leg, making it a better choice for a quick and healthy weeknight meal. They are richly flavoured and almost impossible to overcook!

Serving Suggestions: These boneless chicken legs are your go-to choice whether you're craving curry chicken or grilled chicken chops!

Suggested Alternatives: If you’re looking for a bone-in leg option, you can opt for our GG™ AnXin Whole Leg 全腿.

Storage Guide: S-Pure chickens are freshly air-flown weekly from Thailand and has a longer shelf life of 14 days as compared to traditional frozen thaw / fresh chicken which typically have a short shelf life of 3 days. 

Pro Tip for Safe Handling: 

Don’t wash the chicken before cooking; washing may cause dangerous bacteria like Salmonella to splash around your kitchen. If you insist on washing chicken meat, consider doing so in a sink of water rather than under a running tap. However, we recommend cooking the chicken without washing it to minimise any risk of cross-contamination.

Weight: 420g (Approx. 2 pieces per pack) 

Source: Thailand