Refreshing Pork Pepper Broth 清爽胡椒猪骨汤 (Serves 5-8 Pax)


This Refreshing Pork Pepper Broth is perfect for your cozy steamboat reunion dinners as it’s sure to warm everyone up! Plus, rest assured, this Refreshing Pork Pepper Broth has no added MSG - great option for the young and old.

The soup will taste peppery and refreshing, as the simmering of the soup will also bring out the savoury aroma of the pork bones.

As the saying goes, 以形补形, the animal part/organ you consume will also nourish the corresponding part of your body. We thus highly recommend adding on our fresh Pig Stomach (cleaned and ready to cook!) for additional taste and nutritional benefits!

Serves: 4-5 pax

Total Cooking Time: 45 mins

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

Our Refreshing Pork Pepper Broth Set includes:

Cooking Instructions: Click here to watch the video on how to prepare your own DIY Hotpot Soup Bases.

Utensils required:
Pot (preferably a deep pot with minimum 3L capacity)

Storage Guide:

Fresh Pork Big Bones
  • Chiller: 3-5 days as we vacuum pack your chicken, which extends the shelf life conservatively by 50% (usually it’s 3 days for non-vacuumed chickens)
  • Freezer: Up to 6 months
  • Safe to keep 1-8 weeks.
  • Store them in wire mesh or natural fiber baskets
  • Place at room temperature in a cool, dry, dark area with air circulation
  • Do keep potatoes and onions away from each other as onions produce ethylene

Weight: Approx 1kg

Source: All of our Fresh Pork is sourced from Sarawak, Malaysia. In light of the recent pig swine fever, we wanted to make sure our customers consume safe-to-eat pork. Therefore rest assured that our fresh pork is safely sourced daily from ONLY Sarawak, Malaysia