Oh's Handmade Seafood Dumpling (10 x L pieces) 手工海鲜角 (Uncooked)

420 g
Per Packet: 10 Pieces

Our Signature Seafood Dumpling are handmade by our uncle Mr Oh (that's right, the son of our grandpa Mr Oh Quan Shui) who has been making and selling dim sum for over 4 decades!

Using generous amounts of fresh seafood mince and carrots, these large-sized Seafood Dumplings are super addictive!

Made right here in Singapore, our Seafood Dumpling is made with no artificial preservatives. Store them in the freezer.

Psst! Our Uncle recommends having these with mayonnaise!

Recommended Preparation Method: Pan-fry or Air-fry

First, thaw the dumplings in the chiller. After which, on medium heat, fry each side for 4 minutes (total of 8 minutes) and drain them on kitchen towels before serving.

For a healthier option, preheat your air fryer for 5 minutes at 200
°C. Then air-fry the dumplings for 5 - 7 minutes (depending on how crispy/charred you like your dumplings).

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