Napa Cabbage 大白菜

500 g
Weight (approx.): 500g

Napa cabbage is incredibly low in calories, packed with antioxidants and a plethora of essential vitamins. A must-have delicious crunch in your recipes!

To prepare: Trim off base and remove discoloured outer leaves. Wash the whole vegetable in cold water. Gently pat dry or place it upside down until draining out all the water.

Note: Pepper spots (small black spots) on the cabbage are merely cosmetic and do not affect the quality of the cabbage. Cabbages found with pepper spots are safe to eat. Ugly food doesn't mean bad food - a lot of food is wasted from the over-selective process of fruits and vegetables.

Source: China

Napa cabbage is delivered halved. Image for illustration purpose only.