Quan Shui Wet Market


Flavour Of The Herb

Lime is a zesty burst of bright acidity and citrusy freshness with a touch of aromatic bitterness.

⁠Health Benefits

Full of Vitamin C: Limes have powerful antioxidants that can help your immune system, keep your skin healthy, and help your body absorb iron better.

⁠Suggested Recipes

Hainanese Chicken Rice Dipping Sauce (recipe here

Ingredient recommendations: 

Chinese Old Ginger 老姜
Chinese Old Garlic 老蒜
GG™ AnXin Whole Chicken 整只鸡

Fun Facts 

Did you know? Limes can also be used as a natural deodoriser due to their pleasant citrus scent.

Parts to Use

The pulp of the fruit

How to Harvest

Cut the stem just above the fruit, leaving a small portion of the stem attached to the lime.

Please note that these items are not for sale and are exclusively available for free at the Quan Shui Wet Market's Herbs and Spice Garden, located in front of our flagship Upper Thomson store at 50 Tagore Lane, #B1-01, Singapore 787494. 

You are welcome to pick and take them home as a complimentary gesture from us. We kindly ask that you pick the herbs mindfully, ensuring that other Pasar Kakis can also enjoy the experience.