Quan Shui Wet Market


Flavour Of The Herb

Lime is a zesty burst of bright acidity and citrusy freshness with a touch of aromatic bitterness.

⁠Health Benefits

Full of Vitamin C: Limes have powerful antioxidants that can help your immune system, keep your skin healthy, and help your body absorb iron better.

⁠Suggested Recipes

Hainanese Chicken Rice Dipping Sauce (recipe here

Ingredient recommendations: 

Chinese Old Ginger 老姜
Chinese Old Garlic 老蒜
GG™ AnXin Whole Chicken 整只鸡

Fun Facts 

Did you know? Limes can also be used as a natural deodoriser due to their pleasant citrus scent.

Parts to Use

The pulp of the fruit

How to Harvest

Cut the stem just above the fruit, leaving a small portion of the stem attached to the lime.