Indonesian Petai 印尼臭豆

150 g

Stink beans - commonly known as Petai around Southeast Asia - is prized for its distinctive taste and scent, while also boasting tons of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, potassium, iron and trytophan.

Each of our petais comes peeled. Before cooking, we recommend slicing the petai in half to allow the beans to absorb the flavour of the ingredients you use to season your dish. While we take great care in selecting the highest quality petais, we still recommend cutting each bean in half to check for any worms inside, even if there is no visible hole.

Serving Suggestions: These petais are often cooked in a spicy sambal sauce with succulent prawns, squid or even crispy fried anchovies. For a fuller meal, they are usually cooked and served with tempeh, tofu, or shrimp in a spicy coconut milk sauce!

Weight: 150g

Source: Indonesia