[Fresh Till 23 Jun] S-Pure Drumsticks 鸡腿

375 g
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Weight (approx.): 375g

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Meet Asia's cage-free, growth hormones & antibiotics-free chickens

S-Pure chickens are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, or growth promoters from Day 1. By feeding them a controlled vegetarian grain feed supplemented with probiotics and prebiotics to improve their digestive health, these chickens present the best qualities and first-class flavours!

  • Cage-free chickens raised in a smart farm to protect them from harmful diseases

  • Vegetarian grain-fed, supplemented with probiotics and prebiotics to enhance chicken's digestive health

  • No growth hormones, growth promoters and antibiotics from Day 1

  • No chemical residues for maximum health and safety

  • Air flown fresh weekly

  • No. 1 premium chicken in Hong Kong

  • First in the world certified by NSF

  • GMP, HACCP, ISO & Halal Certified

Product of Thailand

~375g contains about 3 pieces