Quan Shui Wet Market

Curry Leaves

Flavour Of The Herb

Complex citrus flavour often described as reminiscent of lemongrass, anise, and asafetida. 

Health Benefits

A rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium, and iron, which help treat diarrhoea, diabetes, morning sickness, and nausea.

Suggested Recipes

Curry Puff (recipe here

Ingredient recommendations: Netherlands Potatoes 荷兰马铃薯

Shrimp Masala (recipe here)

Ingredient recommendations: Live Prawns 鲜虾 and Cameron Highlands Tomatoes 金马伦高原番茄

Fun Facts 

Did you know? Curry leaves are also known as Kadi Patta in Hindi, Meetha Neem in Tamil, and Karivempu in Malayalam.

Parts to Use

The leaves

How to Harvest

Simply pluck the leaflets from the curry plant.