GG™ AnXin Chicken Bones 鸡骨 [Cleaned and Trimmed]

1000 g
Weight (approx.): 1kg (before cleaning)

GG™ French Poulet 安心鸡™ Chicken Bones will be your best bet in whipping up a easy solid pot of nutritious golden broth. Expect nothing but only the healthiest essence cooked into liquid goodness.

~1kg is before cleaning (neck is included - the neck is perfectly safe to be consumed)

Cleaning and trimming of chicken:
- Excess fats will be removed


  • As much as we try our best to include similar sized cuts in your package, organically grown chickens do vary in sizes. Please be comfortable when some pieces differ in sizes from each other.
  • Colour variations in our organic AnXin Chickens are completely natural and acceptable as they are fed a holistic mixture of corn, soy, vitamins, organic selenium, orgacids, origadia and glucosamine.