Quan Shui Wet Market

Aloe Vera

Flavour Of The Herb

Raw aloe vera tastes neutral to extremely bitter.

Health Benefits

Helps with weight loss, diabetes, hepatitis and inflammation. Skin application for burns, rash and acne.

Suggested Recipes

Aloe Vera Kiwi Popsicles (recipe here

Ingredient recommendations: New Zealand SunGold Kiwi

Aloe Vera Salad (recipe here)

Ingredient recommendations: Live Prawns 鲜虾 and Australia Carrots 澳大利亚胡萝卜

Fun Facts 

Did you know? Aloe vera is widely used as moisturiser and anti-irritant.

Parts to Use

The gel inside the plant

How to Harvest

Cut the leaves at the base of the stems with a knife.