Fresh Handmade Fishballs XL 新鲜手工鱼圆


Really good. Handmade daily in limited quantities! Each packet includes 8 extra large pieces. 

Storage Instructions:

The fishballs can be stored in the chiller for 2-3 days and in the freezer for 2-3 months.

It is however not recommended to store the fishballs in the freezer as it is fresh.

If you have to store them in the freezer, remember to drain the water that comes with them first and any other water you can remove – this is to prevent ice crystals from forming inside the fishballs and destroying the bouncy texture 😊

Remember to thaw the frozen fishballs in the fridge and not out in the open/put them in water. Otherwise, the texture of the fishball will change 👍🏼

Ingredients: fish paste (surimi), edible starch, salt, sugar, spices