Twirlee Crispy Garlic Crunch (100% Natural Ingredients!)

200 g


Lovingly made in Singapore, this garlic oil is sure to elevate and add aromatic depth to your dish. The crunchiness of the garlics is also next level, with it being fried to perfection with slightly sweet undertones. They are made fresh in small batches to ensure quality.

Did you know that crispy fried garlic is known as tỏi phi in Vietnamese and krathiem jiaw in Thai?

Everything you taste is made with only the essential ingredients and with no MSG and added salt!  This way, you can adjust how much salt you would like to add to your dish. We also do the dirty work for you, so you can save the hassle of frying it in your kitchen!

Serving Suggestions: We highly recommend drizzling these over with Twirlee QQ Noodles dishes or with our new and improved Handmade Pork Wontons.

Suggested Alternatives: For a shallot option, we recommend trying our Twirlee Crispy Shallots Crunch with no MSG and no added salt. It offers the same crunchiness and quality!

Storage Guide: Store the bottles in ambient temperature away from sunlight. Refer to packaging for expiry date. 

Ingredients & Allergens: Canola Oil, Garlic - NO MSG ADDED

Weight: 200g per bottle 

Source: Singapore