Quan Shui x The 3 Keys - Plant Kokedama Workshop Session (3.30-4.30pm)


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An exclusive collaboration between Quan Shui Wet Market & The 3 Keys (@the_3_keys), join us at this private, hands-on workshop where you'll learn how to wrap plants using string and transform them into multi-colour thread balls, called Kokedama, from the founder of the nursery, Leo! The 3 Keys, Leo!

Kokedama ( 苔玉 ) is a Japanese term that translates into moss ball. The moss ball replaces the use of pots as it is made of soil, covered with moss sheet , string or coconut fibre sheet.

At the end of the workshop, you'll get to take home your very own Kokedama ball, which will be displayed in Quan Shui's Dim Sum Bamboo Basket, making it a great accent piece in your home! 

Please note that the plate/saucer on the product image is not included. You can use Quan Shui's Dim Sum Bamboo Basket as a saucer, but alternatively, if you prefer, you can also use your own bowl or purchase a bowl/plate instead of the Bamboo Basket.

Workshop Details:

Time: 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Location: Inside Quan Shui Wet Market Store

Ticket Cost: $59 for Pachira (Money Tree), $99 for Everfresh

Class Size: A cosy session, up to 14 pax

Duration: 60 minutes 

Here's what Leo will touch on: (60 Minutes)

  • Introduction of Kokedama (moss ball and thread ball) and plant types
  • Kokedama making demonstration
  • Hands-on Kokedama activity
  • Q&A session with Leo
  • Each participant will bring their own customised Kokedama home after the workshop
  • All materials will be provided: We’ve got everything you need – from soil, moss and thread to the perfect plants. Just bring your curiosity and a dash of creativity!

***Please click on 'Store Pick Up -> "Quan Shui Birthday Bazaar 2024" when checking out.

📌 Before the workshop begins, please gather at the slope beside the Herbs & Spice Garden outside of Quan Shui Wet Market 5 minutes prior to the workshop start time 🌿

👉🏼 Show your proof of registration (email) to our friendly staff wearing Quan Shui T-shirts. They will guide you to the workshop area once everyone has gathered!

For any further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service via WhatsApp at +6588740044.