Oh's Handmade Malay Steamed Cake (4 pieces) 手工马来糕

240 g
Per Packet: 4 Pieces

Our Malay Steamed Cakes are handmade by our uncle Mr Oh (that’s right, the son of our grandpa Mr Oh Quan Shui) has been making and selling dim sum for over 6 decades ever since his teenage years (he’s now 70+)!

All of Oh's Dim Sum is handcrafted from scratch every morning, using our Quan Shui Fresh Pork and Uncle Oh’s recipe that he learnt from a Hong Kong Dim Sum chef.

Springy, fluffy and soft, these Malay Steamed Cakes are made with just the right amount of brown sugar that will make you crave once you have savoured it! 

Made right here in Singapore, our Malay Steamed Cakes are made with no added MSG or artificial preservatives!

Serving Suggestions: Serve these Malay Steamed Cakes with Chinese tea and other Oh's Dim Sum items, such as Lotus Paste Bao and Red Bean Bao for an easy dim sum party at home!

Serves: 1-4 pax

Total Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

Recommended Preparation Method - Steam

  • First, gently break the cakes apart as they might stick together when freezing.
  • Upon boiling of water, steam the frozen cakes for 10 minutes
  • Serve and eat!

Click here to watch the video on how to prepare the Malay Steamed Cakes. 

Storage Guide:
Upon receiving our Oh’s Dim Sum you should keep them in the freezer immediately. The Dim Sums are blast frozen to maintain freshness as no preservatives are used, they can be kept for 6 months. 

Ingredients & Allergens: Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Milk Powder - No Added MSG or Artificial Preservatives.

Weight: 240g

Source: Singapore