Fresh Norwegian Fjord Salmon-Trout 三文鱼

300 g

Our Fresh Norwegian Fjord Salmon-Trout is a cousin of the usual Norwegian Salmon that is commonly sold in Singapore. Its flesh boasts a red-orange tone, as compared to the pale-pink of the latter and also has a firmer texture to it. 

Its taste is less cloying (jelak) due to the lower fat content, is certainly healthier, and tastes more savoury than its counterpart. 

Butcher Boy loves marinating this with Australian Premium Broccoli in white miso paste, honey and soy sauce before air frying it. This can be served with a portion of rice for a nutritious and low-calorie meal. 

** Do note that this product is pricier than typical Norwegian Salmon out there as it's a more premium product. Our Salmon Trout has a stronger taste profile, is less jelak and is healthier!

*** Due to increase in global shipping prices, we have to unfortunately hike the prices of this product again. We'll do our best to bring this product in affordably.