Double Clams Vongole Di Martino Linguine Set (Serves 4 Pax)

Weight (approx.): 2.3 kg

This delectable recipe features juicy Korea Bay Asari Clams and Pacific White Shelled Clams cooked to perfection, served over a bed of al dente linguine pasta.

Serves: 4 pax

Total Cooking Time: 23 mins

Total Prep Time: 5-7 mins (not including the 20 mins for clam thawing)

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

Our Double Clams Vongole Di Martino Linguine Set includes: 

What's not provided in the set: 

  • Butter (optional, 3 tbsp)
  • White wine (optional, 1 cup or ~240 ml)
  • Neutral oil (preferably olive, 6 tbsp) 
  • Salt

Utensils required:

  • Wok (preferably a deeper wok pan to mix clam mixture with cooked linguine)
  • Pot (preferably a deep pot with minimum 5L capacity)


  • Clams: Be sure to check the expiry date printed on the clam's packaging.
  • Dry ingredients (Linguine, Parsley Flakes, Pepper Flakes): Store in a cool, dry place. 
  • Vegetables (Brown Onion, Garlic): Keep them dry in a cool, dark place. It’s best to store your potatoes in an open container or open bag.
  • Lemon: Store them in the fridge in an opened container.

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