[Delivery] AAA Premium Pahang- Raub Hill-Top Black Gold Mao Shan Wang (Flesh Only)

1000 g

Our AAA Premium Black Gold Mao Shan Wang durians are from the famed Pahang-Raub Hill Top plantations! Thanks to its hilly terrain, natural elevation, fertile soils with the right amounts of rainfall, durians yielded from this region are extremely flavourful and have the perfect balance of creamy & bittersweetness.

Yielded from mature durians that naturally drop (instead of forcefully farmed!), our durians are day-fresh, handpicked, de-husked and personally packed by our Uncle Durian Farmer with decades of experience, you can expect approx 1 - 1.2kg of golden-yellow goodness with every box.

They are known to be a very rare durian variety as few breeds can survive the high-altitude environment. Compared to other durians, our AAA Premium Pahang Hill-Top Black Gold Mao Shan Wang yields a higher meat-to-seed ratio, making it greatly loved by many durian lovers for its abundance of flesh.

Serving Suggestions: 1 box serves approx 2 pax of durian addicts, and 3-4 pax of durian lovers!

As we deal directly with the farmer/plantation, we promise to pass all cost savings to you whenever possible! Durian prices will be regularly updated, larger orders will be discounted and delivery for all orders is FREE! 

Flesh Colour: Duller yellow flesh with occasional dark greyish undertones

Taste: Strong bittersweet with a hint of liquor 

Texture: Rich, moist, custardy flesh

Storage Guide: Please note that our dehusked-packed durians are chilled upon delivery. Upon receiving the durians, we recommend consuming them immediately or store in the fridge/freezer to preserve the taste and freshness.

  • Chiller: 2-4 days. Use an airtight container to minimise the durian smell in the chiller
  • Freezer: up to 2 months. To eat them, take out the portion you need and thaw them for 45 mins. 

Shipping & Delivery: Please indicate your preferred timing of delivery inside notes.

As this order is sourced DIRECTLY from our farmer, it will be fulfilled by them to you! Simply order by 10 pm, and receive your order as early as the next day at your chosen hourly slot (between 12-8 pm, except Mondays when we're closed). 

Do note that self-pickup is not available for Durian orders. Please select 'Local Delivery' at checkout and indicate your preferred 2-hour window timing from 12pm - 8pm (e.g., 6-8pm) in the note section at the bottom left when checking out.

Our farmer will strive to deliver to you within the 2 hour slot you've chosen but do pardon us if there might be delays as durians are sometimes stuck at customs!

 Nevertheless, we will assist in supporting all enquiries for delivery/order matters.

For any order enquiries or bulk orders, please contact our Customer Service team via Whatsapp at +65 8874 0044. This also means that you CANNOT add your usual Quan Shui groceries onto this order! 

Delivery Fees: FREE for ALL durian orders!

Special Notes: Your box of durian may contain durians from two different fruits. Since durians vary in size, sometimes we need to open a second durian to ensure your box contains 1 - 1.2 kg of flesh. Therefore, it's common to find slight variations in colour or taste profile among the durian flesh. We strive to maintain consistent taste and texture profiles within each box, but these slight variations are inevitable as they are natural fruits.

As these durians are harvested naturally, the taste and texture may vary and may not be 100% to your exact liking. Therefore, we ask that customers exercise reasonable judgment and discretion, and be open to a variety of taste profiles.

Weight: 1 - 1.2 kg (durian flesh + seed).

Source: Highlands of Pahang-Raub, Malaysia