Oh's Handmade Lotus Paste Bao (4 pieces) 手工莲蓉包

240 g
Per Packet: 4 Pieces

Our Signature Lotus Paste Baos are handmade by our uncle Mr Oh (that's right, the son of our grandpa Mr Oh Quan Shui) who has been making and selling dim sum for over 4 decades!

Derived from lotus seeds, our soft dough buns are filled with generous amounts of the sweet and delicious chestnut-like flavour Lotus paste. 

Made right here in Singapore, our baos are made with  no artificial preservatives. Store them in the freezer.

Psst! If you’re craving a sweet treat, these buns are our favourite addition to any table. 

Recommended Preparation Method - Steam

  1. First, gently break the baos apart as they might stick together when freezing. 
  2. Upon boiling of water, steam the frozen baos for 10 minutes.
  3. Let it rest for 3 minutes to dry the moist baos after steaming due to condensation. 
  4. Serve and eat!