Minced Meat 肉碎

500 g

Our Fresh Pork are 100% Day Fresh, Never Frozen! 

This Minced Meat is our most best-selling pork and is extremely versatile! Minced EXCLUSIVELY from 100% Twee Bak (picnic shoulder), our butchers DO NOT USE meat scraps in the Minced Meat. This ensures that you’ll receive excellent value for your money! This is also why this minced meat has a good ratio of lean meat to fats which is essential for flavour and juiciness!

Serving Suggestions: You may stir-fry this to make your ultimate comfort minced pork dish, or use it to fill up your wantons, or cook it with your porridge! If you want to try a more adventurous recipe, check out our Deep Fried Minced Meat Cubes with Potato Wedges recipe in this video.

Suggested Alternatives: For those who prefer a leaner mixture, you may consider our Pork Belly minced or Lean Minced Meat instead.

Storage Guide: 

  • Chiller: Our minced meat can last up to 5 days as our vacuum packaging reduces the risk of bacteria growth! (usually it’s 3 days for non-vacuumed pork)
  • Freezer: Up to 6 months 

Watch this video to find out on how to STORE fresh minced meat!

Special Remarks: Small cartilages (from the picnic shoulder) may be found in our Minced Meat as it is made from 100% picnic shoulder.

Pro Tip for Safe Handling: 

Don’t wash the pork before cooking; washing may cause dangerous bacteria like Salmonella to splash around your kitchen. If you insist on washing pork meat, consider doing so in a sink of water rather than under a running tap. However, we recommend cooking the pork without washing it to minimise any risk of cross-contamination.

Weight: 500g

Source: Sarawak, Malaysia. In light of the recent pig swine fever, we wanted to make sure our customers consume safe-to-eat pork. Therefore rest assured that our fresh pork is safely sourced daily from ONLY Sarawak, Malaysia