Free Herbs & Spices Garden Guided Experience (refreshments provided!) (10.30-5.30 pm)


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As part of our mission to retain our 'Kampung' spirit and also promote cooking at home, we are pleased to be launching our Quan Shui Herbs & Spices Garden on 14/1 and are inviting you to join us!

Just like how you'd ask and be given small bits of herbs/condiments like chili padi or spring onions when shopping with your local wet market veg stall, you can now do the same at our modern wet market @ 50 Tagore Lane!

Simply drop by and cut up some fresh herbs that you'd need to cook a delicious and home cooked meal at home! Here, we have a range of popular local and western herbs that are commonly used for day to day cooking.

From pandan, curry leaves and chili padi, to thyme, rosemary and mint, we have it all, for you and for FREE!

(just remember to cut responsibly so that others will also have a chance to enjoy this :)

We are proud to be partnering with students from Singapore Polytechnic on this DELTA project collaboration, so please do give these teenagers your support!

Workshop Details:

Time: 10.30-5.30 pm

Location: Gather outside B1-04 (right next to The Cheese Shop!)

Ticket Cost:  $0 + Refreshments made from our fresh herbs will be provided!

Duration: 30 mins every time slot

What you'll be getting/experiencing:
  1. Introduction of local herbs and spices @ Quan Shui's Herb Garden
  2. How to prepare/maintain your herb garden
  3. Cut and bring home your own fresh herbs
  4. Enjoy a refreshing drink & dessert (made from our fresh herbs!)

 ***Please click on 'Store Pick Up -> CNY 2024 'Heng Ong Huat'' when checking out.

**** To ensure that more groups of people have the opportunity to visit, we are limiting the redemption of 2 tickets/account! If you have friends/family who are keen, do get them to sign up for the event too!