Ling's Palm Reading Workshop (5.15-6.00pm)


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Interested in learning the secrets of palm reading and to understand your future better?

Join us for a one-day special workshop run by renowned palm reader, Ling (@ling.the.palmist)

Workshop Details:

Time: 5.15pm - 6pm

Location: Inside Quan Shui Wet Market Store

Ticket Cost: $28 per pax

Class Size: A cosy session, up to 14 pax

Duration: 45 minutes 

Here's what Ling will touch on: (35 Minutes)

  • Difference between the palms of female and male
  • Debunking myths of Palm Reading
  • Major Milestones in your life you can Preempt for
  • Understanding Palm Reading to hone & understand your life better
  • Using this as an asset or tool to understand your future
  • Spot your Potential Industry to venture into
  • Materials will be provided

There will also be a Q&A Session for the last 10 minutes of the workshop.

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