How to Redeem Your Gift Card / Voucher Code

You can simply redeem your gift cards by following the steps below:

1. Find your gift card voucher code in your email 

2. Click "View gift card" to redeem your voucher code

3. Click "Start Shopping" to use your voucher code 

4. Shop at our official store ( Once you are done shopping, ensure that the voucher code is applied before checking out. Complete the rest of your order and checkout as per usual.

If the voucher code is not applied automatically, you may simply copy and paste the voucher code from your email. 
5. Await your order confirmation and enjoy your fresh grocery delivery! 


1. Do I have to utilise the entire value of the gift card at one go?

Nope, you may use any amount you'd like and the remaining balance will be valid until the expiry date.

2. What happens when my cart value exceeds the gift card value?

You may simply pay for the excess via any payment method available at checkout.

More questions? Contact us here.