Oh's Handmade Dim Sum Variety Pack 手工点心三拼

504 g
Per Packet: 12 Pieces (4 of each flavour)

Unsure of how our popular Oh's Handmade Dim Sums taste like or perhaps you just want a variety?

Get the best of THREE worlds with our Variety Pack that features 4 pieces of each of our extremely popular Oh's Handmade Signature Siew Mai, Beancurd Skin Roll and Seafood Dumplings! (i.e. 3 x 4 pieces)

All of these Dim Sums are handmade by our uncle Mr Oh (yes, our Grandpa Oh's son!) who have been making and selling dim sums for over 4 decades. All of our Oh's Dim Sums are made with our fresh pork and contain no artificial preservatives.

Store them in the freezer.