Oh's Handmade Dim Sum Variety Pack 手工点心三拼

504 g
Per Packet: 12 Pieces (4 of each flavour)

Unsure of how our popular Oh's Handmade Dim Sums taste like or perhaps you just want a variety?

Get the best of THREE worlds with our Variety Pack that features 4 pieces of each of our extremely popular Oh's Handmade Signature Siew Mai, Beancurd Skin Roll and Seafood Dumplings! (i.e. 3 x 4 pieces)

Our Dim Sum Variety Pack is handmade by our uncle Mr Oh (that’s right, the son of our grandpa Mr Oh Quan Shui) has been making and selling dim sum for over 6 decades ever since his teenage years (he’s now 70+)!

All of Oh's Dim Sum is handcrafted from scratch every morning, using our Quan Shui Fresh Pork and Uncle Oh’s recipe that he learnt from a Hong Kong Dim Sum chef.

Made right here in Singapore, our Variety Pack is made without eggs and suitable for those with shellfish (crustaceans) allergies as we do not include eggs or prawns in the filling.

Serves: 3-4 pax

Total Cooking Time: 8-12 mins

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

Recommended Preparation Method - Steam (Siew Mai)

  • First, gently break the Siew Mai apart as they might stick together when freezing.
  • Upon boiling of water, steam the frozen Siew Mai for approx 12 mins.
  • Put the Siew Mai  onto a plate to serve!

Recommended Preparation Method: Pan-fry or Air-fry (Beancurd Rolls & Seafood Dumpling)

  • First, thaw the Beancurd Rolls and Seafood Dumplings in the chiller. After which, on medium heat, fry each side for 4 minutes (total of 8 minutes) and drain them on kitchen towels before serving.
  • For a healthier option, preheat your air fryer for 5 minutes at 200°C. Then air-fry the Beancurd Rolls and Seafood Dumplings for 5 - 7 minutes (depending on how crispy/charred you like your Beancurd Rolls and Seafood Dumplings).

Storage Guide:
Upon receiving our Oh’s Dim Sum, you should keep them in the freezer immediately. The Dim Sums are blast-frozen to maintain freshness as no preservatives are used. Store in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Ingredients & Allergens: 

  • Siew Mai: Pork, Fish Paste, Onion, Wheat Flour, MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - No Eggs or Prawns Included!
  • Beancurd Roll: Pork, Fish Paste, Onions, Garlic,  Tofu Skin (Tau Kee) made from SoybeansMSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - No Eggs or Prawns Included!
  • Seafood Dumpling: Squid Mince, Carrots, Wheat Flour, MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - No Eggs or Prawns Included!

Weight: 504g

Source: Singapore

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